Current regulations

Here are a few of the 150+  rules Vacation Rental owners must follow in Palm Springs:

1. Vacation Rental homeowners must pay a $900 permit fee which funds the Vacation Rental Compliance Department

2. Homes must pass an annual physical inspection with a 16-item checklist of electrical, fire, pool, bedroom requirements and other items.

3. Before booking, collect renter's government-issued ID, ensure primary renter is 25 or older, and limit the group size to two per bedroom.

4. Sign a written contract with the renter, which includes information on local regulations and gives the city the authority to evict guests.

5. Collect guests' license plate numbers and limit vehicles to one per bedroom.

6. Before guests check in, provide the rental dates, number of guests and other contact information to the city.

7. Greet guests in person or, within 24 hours of their check-in, meet with all guests to explain local regulations, read the Good Neighbor Guide and have all guests sign a “Statement of Rules and Regulations”.

8. Display the signed Statement of Rules, the Rental Registration Permit, and the Good Neighbor Brochure on the wall in the property.

9. Guests may not play music outside, and no music should ever be heard by neighbors.

10. At all times, follow the limits on the number of guests and vehicles allowed.

11. A home may only be rented 32 times per year with 4 additional rentals during the summer

12. Except for emergencies, no maintenance including gardeners can be done on weekends.

13. Trash and trash receptacles must not be visible from the street.  Owners must pay extra for PS Disposal to take bins to and from the street

14. Someone must be available 24 hours per day to respond to issues in person at the home within 30 minutes. Rental permits from the city require proof of appropriate home insurance and, for HOA members, a letter from the HOA verifying that vacation rentals are allowed.

15. Renters must be charged Transient Occupancy Tax, and taxes must be sent to the city monthly.

16. Keep the signed contract, signed Statement of Rules, and copies of renter ID's for two years.




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