Thank you for supporting the We Love Palm Springs - No on Measure C campaign.

On June 5, 2018 Measure C failed which means there will not be a ban on vacation rentals!  With a very high voter turnout, the final results were 70% No and 30% Yes.  Thanks to your contributions, we were able to communicate with voters on TV, through website advertising, via video ads and direct mail. Thank you for doing your part on behalf of our great city and the We Love Palm Springs - No on Measure C campaign.

We are in the process of closing down the campaign which includes filing campaign information and tax returns at the end of this year.  We need a few thousand dollars to complete these tasks and would appreciate your donation.

You will be sent an e-mail receipt almost immediately after your donation is processed.

Attention Vacation Rental Permit Holders:

We are asking each vacation rental permit holder to donate one night's high season rent (without discounts or premiums) per property owned.  



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