Measure C Rebuttal Argument

Measure C – Rebuttal Argument

Vote NO on Measure C

Palm Springs is thriving again!

Since the 1930’s, vacation rentals (VR’s) have always been a part of the mix of accommodations we offer our tourists.

Sadly, a handful of people want to ban 46% of our City’s sleeping accommodations. Our beautiful, diverse hotels cannot now, or in foreseeable future, make up for this tremendous loss of tourists. We need a mix of small hotels, larger hotels and vacation rentals to attract the tourists our town needs.

A regulation went into effect in April 2017 that must be strictly adhered to. With over 150 provisions and strict enforcement, the number of vacation rental permits have dropped from 2,135 to 1,994.

Talk about “out-of-town investors” and “cash registers” only contributes negativity and scare tactics within our community.

People of good will including VR homeowners and their neighbors, must work together to ensure our city and its neighborhoods continue to make Palm Springs a world class tourist destination.

Everything in a community should be about balance and collaboration. A ban is extreme, divisive and will do great harm to our city.

The ban proponents provide little data to back their claims, nor any answers for replacing the substantial loss of tourist revenue, jobs and lower property values.

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Signed by:

Aftab Dada

President, Palm Springs Hospitality Association and PS Resorts

Nona Watson

CEO, Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce

Joe Cook

President, Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association

Jeff Kelsheimer

President, Palm Springs Professional Firefighters



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