On June, 5, 2018, Palm Springs Will Be Asked to Vote on Measure C that Will Determine the Future of Vacation Rentals

Measure C: Prohibition of Vacation Rental of Single Family Residences in the City of Palm Springs

Shall the City of Palm Springs prohibit vacation rentals in single-family residences?


Palm Springs has always relied on tourism as the lifeblood of our economy.

Now there is a proposal on the June ballot to BAN vacation rentals of single-family homes, endangering all the benefits tourism brings to Palm Springs. Every resident would feel and see the detrimental effect on small businesses, on fire and police, and in every facet of the services our town provides to its citizens.

We Love Palm Springs is a coalition of those who believe that Palm Springs should welcome tourists and appreciate the benefits they bring to our city. We are your neighbors, friends and family. We are homeowners, pool cleaning companies, landscapers and gardeners; we are the hotel industry, small businesses; the owners of your favorite restaurants and community leaders.

We all want to protect both our quality of life and the economy of our city. That’s one reason there’s already a tough ordinance in place to regulate vacation rentals. This law requires owners to be permitted, caps the number of parked cars, restricts noise and limits the number of times a home can be rented for short-term use. This law, along with strict enforcement by a compliance department that ramped up its operations in April 2017. Yet, our opponents filed to BAN vacation rentals the same month.

Before we rush to a BAN, shouldn’t we give the new rules a chance to work?  

Palm Springs has become a world-class tourist destination, and tourism is the #1 driver of the economy in our beloved city. Banning short-term rentals will remove nearly half of the rooms in town for visitors, which will drive tourists away and do harm to our economy.

Protect our economy. Vote No on Measure C, the Vacation Rental Ban.

Help protect what makes Palm Springs, Palm Springs.



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